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Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) gives undergraduates the opportunity to:
  • work one-on-one with a graduate mentor for the semester,
  • learn an area of mathematics not covered in any course, and
  • gain valuable presentation skills.
Undergraduates also register for the 1-credit-hour Math 285.


The DRP pairs undergraduate students with graduate-student mentors for an independent reading course. Undergraduate participants are expected to:
  • meet once per week with the graduate-student mentor,
  • work independently for approximately three hours between meetings, and
  • give a 10- to 15-minute talk on their project at the end of the semester.

Testimonials from participants

  • "One-on-one communication with my mentor was most valuable to me, since that level of engagement is usually not possible in mathematics courses where there are many other students."
  • "I would love for this to become a required course for Math Majors, it was really helpful and I enjoyed the one-on-one aspect of it."

DRP Activities - Fall 2022

  • Kick-off event (August 30 at 5:30 pm)
  • A presentation on "How (not) to give a talk", plus a tutorial on Overleaf and Beamer (Wednesday, October 19 at 5:30 pm in Blocker 150)
  • Final presentations by undergraduate participants (Date/Time TBA)
The Fall 2022 participants and their mentors:
  • Jason Hirsch - (mentor: Ryan Budahazy )
  • Christian Lambert - (mentor: Siddharth Sabharwal )
  • Ethan Luo - (mentor: Garrett Tresch )
  • Qingrui Meng - (mentor: Bennett Clayton )
  • Jade Wirz - (mentor: Tushar Pandey )
  • Daniel Duong and Jacinto Rodriguez Shahin - (mentor: Mansi Bezbaruah )
  • Mason Honeycutt and Matthew Harvey - (mentors: Chunyang Liao and Madison Sheridan )
  • Carl Leonardh Schmidt and Cindy Zhuang - (mentor: Seth Gerberding )

To participate in Spring 2023, see below.

How to participate (undergraduates) - Spring 2023

We encourage applications from any undergraduate who:
  • has completed a year-long calculus sequence, and
  • is interested in learning interesting mathematics outside of the classroom.

[NEW FOR 2022-2023] we are offering (in addition to the usual DRP experience) a number of interdisciplinary projects that you can work on in teams of two (with a grad student mentor).
  • A list of project ideas is here.
  • If you have any questions about these projects, don't hesitate to contact Prof. Matthias Maier (

We warmly welcome applications from first-generation college students, women, and members of underrepresented groups in STEM.

To apply to participate in Spring 2023:
  • complete the application for undergraduate students Deadline: Friday, October 28, and
  • register for Math 285 (Directed Studies), section 501, (OR Math 291 for those in the interdisciplinary program) for 1 credit-hour.
Applicants will be notified around Nov. 2. (Feel free to contact the organizers at any time!)

How to participate (graduate students) - Spring 2023

To be announced (by email)!

DRP Activities - Prior Semesters


The DRP is organized by Jordy Lopez and Angelique Morvant, with faculty mentor Anne Shiu.

Please reach out to any of us with questions!


Project ideas from other DRPs can be found at the websites of the DRP Network, the Maryland DRP, and the University of Texas DRP.


The DRP is supported by the National Science Foundation (CAREER grant DMS-1752672), a Montague-CTE (Center for Teaching Excellence) Scholar grant, and a DRP Network mini-grant supported by the National Science Foundation (grant IUSE-1740143).