Abstracts from the 2006 Texas A&M University REU Miniconference

A Stochastic Approach to Modeling a Preditor-Prey Interaction on a Patch/Corridor Habitat, D. Bergstresser, T. Wolf.

Extremal Questions for Tetranomials, J. Gomez, A. Niles.

Phylogenetic Trees: Exploring Maps Through the Forest of Tree-space, H. Saugier.

2-D Stochastc Analysis of Athersclerosis, J. Pfister, P. Zhang.

Atherognesis as an Inflammatory Instability, J. Kennedy, L. Abel.

Small Phylogenetic Trees, S. Stokes.

Dynamics of a Predator-Prey System in Multipatch Arrangements, A. Kumarasamy, M. Whaley.

Nonstandard Analysis and Generalized Functions, N. Savir.

Hypercyclic Operators on the Set of Entire Functions, A. Bailey.

When Different Species See Different Patches, A. Furey, A. Zimmer.

Protein Structure Prediction by Homology Modeling, G. Sirin.

Goldbach's Conjecture, J. Davis.

Solving Complex Polynomials and Molecular Models, C. Barot.

Wavelet Sets in One and Two Dimensions, B. Finkenkeller, C. Kaihoi.

Interpolation Maps on 2-Interval Wavelet Sets, E. Levenberg.

A Stochastic Lattice Model Versus a Deterministic Approach to Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of an Invading Species, A. Heitman, B. Wells.

Characterizing Refinable Functions, P. Gustafson, N. Savir, E. Spears.

An Exploration of Kazarnovkii's Paper "On the Zeros of Exponential Sums", E. Crofts.

A Mathematical Model for the Progression of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibr/osis and its Potential Treatment, R. Bansal, T. Vu.

Radial Limits of Holomorphic Functions, M. Fulkerson.