Spring 2017 advising schedule:

To make an appointment with a Math Department advisor, please go to /undergraduate/advising/ and choose an advisor you would like to see or the one whose advising hours fit your schedule. If you are a math major freshman or a sophomore, you will probably need to make an appointment with me, Dr. Mila Mogilevsky. If your schedule does not allow you to see me during announced times, I will try to accommodate your schedule. If you pass by my office and the door is open, feel free to stop by. Also, feel free to e-mail me at mogilevs@math.tamu.edu if you have a question. Please do not hesitate to contact me or another advisor whenever needed!

Juniors/seniors are usually advised by Ms. Ramsey and Dr. Sivakumar.

Math Department Undergraduate home page

Transfer requirements. Want to become a math major? See our tranfer requirements first. Contact me if you satisfy the requirements. Also, feel free to make an appointment if you have questions about transfer.

Regent Scholars Program Description and Requirements of Regent Scholars program

American Mathematical Society (AMS) Information for math majors (fellowships,careers, etc.)

Mathematical Association of America(MAA) More nformation for math majors, esp. oriented on teaching careers

Society of Actuaries Information for prospective and current actuaries.