Raytcho Lazarov

Mathematics, Professor Emeritus


Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843
Telephone: (786) 202-1878, FAX: (979) 862-4190
E-mail: lazarov@math.tamu.edu
Preferred e-mail: raytcho.lazarov@gmail.com

R. Lazarov's research is primarily in the area of numerical approximation of partial differential equations and efficient solution techniques for the resulting algebraic problems. His expertise includes: (1) construction, stability, and convergence analysis for finite element, finite difference, and finite volume approximations of partial differential equations (including fractional order differential equations), (2) development and analysis of iterative methods, including domain decomposition and multilevel preconditioners, (3) numerical analysis for fractional order differential equations, (4) multiscale finite elements methods, (5) scientific computation with industrial application.

R. Lazarov collaborates closely with Y. Efendiev and J. Pasciak, members of the Numerical Analysis Group at Texas A&M University. Throughout more than 50 years in the profession he had collaboration with his former students V. Dobrev Lawrence Livermore national Laboratory (LLNL), V. Ginting (U. of Wyoming), S. Margenov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria), S. Tomov (U. of Tennessee), Z. Zhou (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and visitors and postdocs P. Chatzipantelidis (U. of Crete, Greece), J. Galvis (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia), B. Jin (UCL, London), O. Iliev (Fraunhofer Instutute of Industrial Mathematics, Germany), V. Thomee (Chalmers University, Goteborg, Sweden), P. Vassilevski (CASC, LLNL), L. Zikatanov (Pennstate University).

R. Lazarov is a member of the Institute for Scientific Computation where he works on development of methods and algorithms for large scale scientific computations. He is among the founders of the Numerical Analysis Seminar and of the graduate program in numerical analysis and computational mathematics at TAMU. R. Lazarov has taught basic courses on numerical analysis. Various advanced graduate courses on finite elements, domain decomposition, multigrid, multiscale methods, conservation laws, scientific computing, and mixed finite elements are taught on a regular basis by A. Bonito, A. Demlow, Y. Efendiev, J.-L. Guermond, M. Maier , J. Pasciak, and B. Popov. He has advised 21 Ph. D. students at Texas A&M University, Sofia University, and the Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Last updated February 2, 2022